Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one was injured, you have legal rights. Get help from Las Vegas personal injury attorney Christine Roberts paying for medical care, therapy, and compensation that reflects your suffering. Learn how the attorney stands by your side during personal injury lawsuits. 

The Law Offices of Christine Roberts

Attorney Christine Roberts maintains a law office in Las Vegas, Nevada. The attorney travels throughout Clark County to go wherever she is needed to represent her clients. The attorney has 20 years of experience with personal injury cases, and works tirelessly on behalf of clients. 

Matters the Las Vegas personal injury attorney handles include slip and fall cases, car accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, dog bite cases, and more. Let the attorney aggressively fight to protect your interests and obtain the damages you deserve through litigation or out of court settlement. 

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You 

No matter what type of personal injury you experienced, litigation may be an uphill battle. You must prove that you were hurt and the defendant is at fault. You must build a case, presenting evidence that causes you to relive the injury day after day, until the matter is settled. You may lose the case and need to appeal.

Going through all of this on your own, while you also try to recover from your injuries, can be distressing. Many personal injury victims feel torn between seeking redress through the legal system and focusing all of their energies on getting well and moving on. When you hire a personal injury attorney to focus on the legal battle, you can rest assured your case is proceeding under the experienced guidance of someone who understands how to put together a strong case, while you focus on recovery. 

Attorney Christine Roberts stands by your side, advocating for you throughout the pretrial, discovery, and trial phase. The attorney updates you on everything that is going on and can suggest the right course of action to navigate toward a successful outcome. Many clients find it invaluable to have a lawyer by their side, helping them understand everything that happens and making the best legal decisions for their unique situations. 

To speak with a Clark County attorney who has 20 years of experience prosecuting personal injury cases, contact Attorney Christine Roberts today. Dial 702.728.5285 to speak with the attorney.