Las Vegas General Litigation Attorney

Las Vegas Litigation Attorney Christine Roberts provides comprehensive general litigation services for clients in Las Vegas and Clark County. If you have a civil matter that needs to be handled through the legal system, learn how Attorney Christine Roberts can bring your matter to a successful resolution. 

Las Vegas Litigation Attorney 

Attorney Christine Roberts has a Las Vegas legal office and travels throughout Clark County providing litigation services to clients in need. Anyone with a litigation matter who lives in Las Vegas or Clark County is welcome to contact the attorney. Attorney Christine Roberts is adept at handling all sorts of litigation matters and has a successful track record honed over 20 years of experience. Typical legal matters that Las Vegas litigation attorney Christine Roberts can handle include employment disputes, contract disputes, employment law, insurance matters, business disputes, construction issues, and real estate matters. Attorney Christine Roberts can represent you as an individual or as a business. 

How a Las Vegas Litigation Attorney Protects Your Rights 

When you have a matter that cannot be settled peaceably, you need a litigation attorney who can represent your interests. Litigation can be very draining and emotional, especially if you take the matter personally. You may not know what to do, who to trust, or what to expect as matters proceed. During this time, it is critical to have an attorney who acts as your ally and advocate throughout the legal process. 

The Las Vegas litigation attorney Christine Roberts understands the law, acts upon your behalf, and represents your best interests throughout the legal process. Whether you need litigation assistance with a real estate matter, want to file for wrongful termination, or believe a business partner was negligent, attorney Christine Roberts can discuss the matter with you, walk you through your options, and litigate the matter with dedication, determination, and professionalism honed over 20 years of experience. The attorney explains everything clearly using plain English, answers your questions so you understand your position and your options, and suggests the best way to move forward. The attorney can handle all aspects of your litigation matter, from the negotiations and pretrial through depositions and discovery, the trial, and appeal if necessary. 

Attorney Christine Roberts welcomes new clients who have a litigation matter that requires legal attention. Talk to attorney Christine Roberts about your litigation need by calling 702.728.5285.