Las Vegas Bankruptcy and Litigation Attorney

As a practicing attorney since 1997, Attorney Christine A. Roberts has vast experience in bankruptcy and general litigation. After she graduated from the New England School of Law in 1996, she spent time learning various related areas such as collections, commercial litigation, foreclosures and evictions.

Knowledgeable and attentive, Las Vegas Attorney Christine A. Roberts recognizes the different circumstances each client has. She will listen to your issues before letting you know your various options. From the beginning of your case to the end, she will have your best interests in mind and she will fight hard for your rights in every matter.

Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney Christine A. Roberts focuses most of her practice helping her clients with bankruptcy issues. Going through bankruptcy is emotionally complicated, and can completely change your life.

Bankruptcy Attorney Christine A. Roberts understands what you’re going through and sympathizes with your situation. She knows the best ways to deal with your individual problems so that you can get through this rough time in the best way possible.

Whether you are choosing to have a Chapter 7 bankruptcy where you liquidate or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy where you reorganize, Las Vegas Attorney Christine A. Roberts has the experience to help you find the best solutions to your individual issues.

General Litigation Attorney

Attorney Christine A. Roberts has been practicing for 20 years. Not just knowledgeable about the areas in which she practices, she is also highly skilled in the courtroom.

Courtroom skills require someone to be able to think and adapt quickly. Situations can change in court as new information comes in, and Las Vegas Litigation Attorney Christine A. Roberts has the talent and the energy to perform well in trial situations.

She also knows how to evaluate a case so that she knows which cases would be best in the courtroom. Not all cases need to go to court, and Attorney Christine A. Roberts can advise you of how situations normally play out based on her vast experience.

The Experience you Need

Clark County Attorney Christine A. Roberts has a lot of practice using her legal skills to get her clients good results in their cases. She is persistent and truly cares about each case and each one of her clients.

If you need help with a bankruptcy or general litigation issue, call The Law Offices of Christine Roberts today.